Health insurance exchange website fails on deadline day

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On the very last day for purchasing plans for this year, down went the site once again. As though the desperate scramble from having waited until the very last minute to purchase a health insurance plan wasn’t stressful enough, the federal exchange site failed, causing many to receive a message that it was “currently unavailable.” This was quite the inconvenient time for the site to stop working, as many faced a midnight deadline. Although the health insurance marketplace,, had a rocky start, after the massive renovations that were applied…

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Low cost health insurance through aggregation


Finding low cost health insurance doesn’t have to be a major challenge Health insurance in the U.S. is changing and these changes are somewhat dramatic in some cases. With the emergence of exchange programs, people’s access to health insurance coverage has become broader and many have become encouraged by the promise of affordable coverage through such exchange. Low cost health insurance is not only available through state-based exchanges, of course. One of the primary goals of the exchanges is to create competition within the insurance market, forcing private providers to…

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How to Find Affordable Family Health Insurance

Health Insurance exchange

Article brought to you by affordable family health insurance company Freedom Health Insurance Your family is your number one priority.  Their health, happiness, and longevity are imperative and you will do whatever you can to protect them and keep them safe.  To do this, finding a health insurance company that you trust and believe in – health insurance that gives you peace of mind – is a top priority.  Whether you’re looking for private healthcare, government-assisted healthcare, or healthcare through your job, there are many options out there that can…

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Health insurance exchanges still causing confusion among consumers

Health insurance exchange awareness

Officials and governments are struggling to provide the public with the information it needs about the marketplace. State government, healthcare, and health insurance officials are facing a considerable struggle to provide consumers with the education that they need regarding the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and the way in which the exchanges will be used when they open in October of this year. Millions of Americans will be using these marketplaces to shop for their coverage plans. These plans will be necessary to conform to the individual mandate, which…

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Health insurance exchange in Alaska to be federally run

Alaska Health Insurance Governor Sean Parnell

The governor of the state has stuck with his July decision not to run the program. A spokesperson for the Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska, Sharon Leighow, has revealed that the state will not be running its own health insurance exchange and that it will be holding to the decision that was made by the governor back in July 2012. The announcement showed that no changes were made to the original prediction regarding the program. This means that, according to the Affordable Care Act, federal officials will now be taking…

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