Baltimore will purchase $20 million in cyber liability insurance coverage

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage - Baltimore

The city is taking preventative action after having already suffered a massive ransomware attack. Baltimore has just committed to purchasing $20 million in cyber liability insurance coverage. That city experienced a massive ransomware attack last spring. The city is still paying off the bills for the contractors who participated in the city’s digital recovery. The costs from the ransomware attack on Baltimore are increasingly coming due. As those expenses loom, city officials are preparing to purchase $20 million in cyber liability insurance coverage to pay for any potential disruptions that…

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Insurance claims begin following the Baltimore riots

Riot Insurance claims News

Residents and businesses faced property damage and looting and are now filing with their insurers. The residents of Baltimore have certainly faced destruction to their properties as a result of the riots, but it is the businesses that will be making the largest insurance claims, and many owners are wondering exactly how much of the various forms of damage will be covered by their insurers. The most obvious claims are being filed with insurance companies for issues such as looting and property damage. However other insurance claims could be filed…

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AgencyPoint launched in Maryland by Farmers Insurance

Insurance Jobs

AgencyPoint aims to recruit new Farmers independent business owners Farmers Insurance has launched a new agency recruitment and training center for potential Farmers independent business owners. The training center is called AgencyPoint and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. AgencyPoint was launched to address the insurer’s growing need for more personnel due to its recent expansion. Through this initiative, the insurer is looking to bolster its ranks of independent insurance agents in numerous sectors. AgencyPoint is open to all prospective Farmers independent business owners. New venture will provide business owners with…

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