AgencyPoint launched in Maryland by Farmers Insurance

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Insurance Jobs

AgencyPoint aims to recruit new Farmers independent business owners

Farmers Insurance has launched a new agency recruitment and training center for potential Farmers independent business owners. The training center is called AgencyPoint and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. AgencyPoint was launched to address the insurer’s growing need for more personnel due to its recent expansion. Through this initiative, the insurer is looking to bolster its ranks of independent insurance agents in numerous sectors. AgencyPoint is open to all prospective Farmers independent business owners.

New venture will provide business owners with extensive training

Farmers Insurance has recently experienced significant expansion in the eastern U.S. As the insurer begins to write more business in the region, the need for a larger workforce is becoming more apparent. AgencyPoint is designed to address this issue and will be staffed with highly trained Farmers employees that will provide a wealth of training for prospective business owners. The insurer believes that AgencyPoint will bring small business opportunities to Maryland and give it a chance to market its products to a new audience of consumers.

Farmers Insurance continues to expand into the eastern U.S. market

Maryland is the 15th state in the eastern U.S. that Farmers Insurance has expanded to. The insurer is keen to continue this expansion into the eastern market, hoping to fill the gaps left by the insurance companies that have exited the market. AgencyPoint is to play a significant role in this endeavor by providing the insurer with a new group of agents and business owners to sell products and provide services to consumers.

Economic potential of AgencyPoint may be significant

The economic potential of AgencyPoint may be significant if new businesses can be established. Any new Farmers Insurance branches will require additional staff to operate effectively. As such, these businesses will create new jobs. AgencyPoint is also expected to promote some diversity in the insurance market, providing consumers with more options in terms of coverage providers if new businesses can be established.

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