No-fault auto insurance changes move rapidly through Michigan Senate

Michigan auto insurance

The Republican-led Senate has passed legislation that would alter the laws in the state quite dramatically. After having made a series of adjustments in the last moment, the Republican-led Michigan Senate has made some changes to the no-fault auto insurance law in the state which has caused massive controversy over the last few years. The final vote on Senate Bill 248 that aimed to make these changes to the current system was 21 to 17. The changes to the laws surrounding the no-fault auto insurance system have arrived following a…

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Lack of auto insurance can now be detected through license plates

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Police in Michigan can now run the plates of a vehicle to determine whether or not it is insured. Drivers on the streets of Michigan now have more incentive to ensure that they obtain the legally required auto insurance for their vehicles, as police have just been armed with a new and much easier way to identify uninsured motorists. Simply by running a vehicle’s plates, police are able to know whether or not there is an insurance policy present. The technology will become available to police officers in mid-September and…

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Insurance law that fines uninsured Louisiana drivers cause anger

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These high penalties have caused some residents of the state to call this new regulation unfair. A new insurance law has now gone into effect in Louisiana, which is designed to deter drivers from heading out onto the road while uninsured, but some residents of the state are now calling it unfair, as the penalties associated with it are quite high. Previously, the fine for driving without any auto insurance had been a small, one-time fee. However, drivers are now discovering that this insurance law means business. The fee now…

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Auto insurance will be required on all Mexican federal roads

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Though state laws aren’t changing with regards to coverage, federal highways and bridges are different. Coverage is going to be mandatory whether you’re a citizen of the country or you’re driving across the border for a fun vacation, so auto insurance policies should be checked to ensure that they are adequate. New amendments to the laws in the country have determined that car insurance is a necessity for drivers. Though there is still a considerable rate of uninsured drivers in the country, for those who want to head out on…

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Auto insurance bill allows members of the military to keep coverage

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Should it become a law, these individuals will be able to maintain their policies when changing states. At the moment, members of the military and their families cannot necessarily carry their auto insurance coverage from one state to the next when they are required to move for their jobs, but a new bill has now been introduced in Congress with the intention of changing that trend. This bill would make it possible for the policies to be kept active when moving from one state to another. The Servicemembers Insurance Relief…

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