Auto insurance will be required on all Mexican federal roads

car auto insurance

Though state laws aren’t changing with regards to coverage, federal highways and bridges are different.

Coverage is going to be mandatory whether you’re a citizen of the country or you’re driving across the border for a fun vacation, so auto insurance policies should be checked to ensure that they are adequate.

New amendments to the laws in the country have determined that car insurance is a necessity for drivers.

Though there is still a considerable rate of uninsured drivers in the country, for those who want to head out on federal roads, auto insurance will now be required. This is the result of amendments that were approved by the House of Representatives with respect to the Law on Roads, Bridges and Federal Motor Carrier. What it means is that any vehicle taken onto federal roads, toll roads, and bridges will now need to have third party liability coverage.

In some states, auto insurance had not previously been mandatory, but it now will be specifically for these roads.

car auto insuranceFor example, residents of the Yucatán state had not previously been required to have car insurance to drive. While this is still not the case, the rules have changed when it comes to heading out on federal highways, toll roads, and bridges. To operate a vehicle on those roads, third party liability coverage is now needed.

Transport Committee of the Chamber of Deputies president, Juan Carlos Muñoz Márquez, explained that this law had already received the Senate’s approval and that all that is required now to push the amendment forward is the President’s signature. Once it is enacted, it will go into immediate effect.

The penalty for failing to have the required coverage while using federal roads can range from 20 to 40 days of minimum wage. To save themselves that cost, drivers are required to obtain an insurance policy that will provide coverage for the cost of injuries sustained by third parties who are involved in an accident.

If the driver obtains auto insurance within 45 days of having been caught driving those roads without a policy, the fines may be waved. The Federal Police will be conducting regular inspections in order to determine whether or not drivers have coverage. The Ministry of Public Security may require that proof of insurance be displayed by way of these Federal Police, during road inspections or at times when a there has been another violation of traffic regulations.

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