Auto insurance system changes in Michigan arise in Legislature

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The overhaul is meant to be a massive one that will help to combat systemic issues. The official introduction of the proposed changes to the no fault auto insurance system in Michigan was finally made to the legislature this week, to help to repair a number of issues that are keeping costs extremely high for consumers. The state has the second most expensive premiums for driver coverage in the entire country. Rep. Pete Lund (R-Shelby Township), made the introduction of the bill (HB 4612), in order to place a cap…

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Auto insurance legislation struck down in North Carolina

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Auto insurance bill fails before House Insurance Committee A legislation designed to reform North Carolina’s regulations governing auto insurance rates has been unseated by the state’s House Insurance Committee this week. The bill was put down by a vote of 18-11, with opponents claiming that the legislation did not offer solutions to the state’s current problem. The legislation was staunchly opposed by Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, as well as several companies and trade groups representing the auto insurance industry. Bill aimed to provide insurers with more freedom in the rate…

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Auto insurance bill in North Carolina fails to pass

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A measure that would have changed the way that the coverage is regulated in the state was voted down. A bill designed to change the way that auto insurance rates are regulated within North Carolina, and which was strongly opposed by Wayne Goodwin, the commissioner for the state, has failed to pass. The House Insurance Committee voted the bill down on Tuesday, causing the measure to fail. The auto insurance rate regulation bill failed by a vote of 18 to 11, following the presentation of the views of both the…

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Auto insurance bill amendments in NC isn’t out of the woods yet

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There is still opposition being faced by a controversial bill that would change the state regulation system. An auto insurance bill in North Carolina is still facing opposition, as the controversial effort attempts to change the way that the rates in the state are regulated, despite the fact that the bill has been modified in acknowledgement of the objections that have been identified by its opponents. The opponents were not won over by the amendments that were made to this bill, which include the commissioner. Among those who remain opposed…

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