Surviving a bad car crash can be daunting but not impossible

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A car crash is not something that many people think will ever happen to them…

but these events can, at times, be unavoidable. If the unfortunate were to happen, it is important to be prepared. Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death for drivers or their passengers and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Car accidents are not uncommon, and there are some things that drivers can do to ensure their safety and overall survival if they are the unfortunate victim of a crash.

Properly maintaining a vehicle can help drivers avoid accidents altogether, but even the safest drivers can find themselves in a situation where a car crash in inevitable. In the event of a car crash, there are things drivers can do to mitigate damage caused to themselves. One of the most important things is proper seatbelt use. A seatbelt’s shoulder harness should be worn across the shoulder and chest with minimal slack. The lap belt should be adjusted to it lies snug across the driver’s lower hips and drivers should be seated upright with their back straight against the seat itself.

If a driver finds themselves in a situation where they need to escape a vehicle…

Surviving a bad car crash can be daunting but not impossible

there are simple tools that could ensure their survival. A glass breaker in, in certain circumstances, mandatory, as this will allow victims to escape from a vehicle in an emergency situation. A glass breaker is often equipped with a seatbelt cutter as well, which can make short work of any standard seatbelt that can be found in a vehicle. There are also hammer-like devices that can be used to break car windows with ease.

The hammer-like devices come in a wide variety, but most are equipped with steel points that can break glass with ease. If a driver has to use such a device, they should hit the corners of a car window, as these points are structural weak spots. On side windows, the center of the window is the strongest point, which can take several blows before breaking. Windshields are, of course, more difficult to break, as they are generally made with laminated safety glass.

Of course, a glass breaker is only one thing that drivers will need if they find themselves in an emergency situation.

Once a driver escapes from a vehicle, they may need medical treatment. A comprehensive first aid kit can be valuable in such situations, allowing drivers to manage any wounds they have received until emergency services arrive to provide proper medical care.

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