Summer road safety tips from the Hanover Insurance Group

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The hope is that if enough people pay attention, it will keep people safe and reduce the need for claims.

Summer is a wonderful time to hit the freeway and head across the state or even across the country on weekend, week-long, or full season trips, but Hanover Insurance Group is reminding travelers that road safety is vital to making sure that those vacations remain safe and fun.

This helps to reduce the risk of accidents regardless of whether you’re on a motorcycle, a car, or an RV.

The insurance company has offered drivers a range of recommendations to help drivers to keep themselves safe before they head out on their next trip. These road safety tips are quick and easy to follow, but can make a considerable difference when it comes to ensuring that problems won’t occur along the way. It also helps to make certain that if an issue is determined to happen, drivers will be ready to deal with them in the safest, fastest, and easiest way possible.

The insurance company made a list of road safety tips to which the rest of the industry has since been contributing.

Among the points that have accumulated to keep drivers safe include the following:
• Be road ready – before you head off, give your vehicle a once over, checking the tread and inflation of the tires. Check the oil and other fluids, and pop in to see a certified mechanic to check the engine, batteries, belts, and hoses. Don’t forget to tuck some emergency equipment like a jack, jumper cables, a flashlight and a first aid kit in with everything else that you have packed.
• Pack your vehicle with care – luggage and belongings may seem like something that you can simply toss anywhere that you want as long as they fit, but there is a safe way to pack. Make sure that all loose items are properly stored in the trunk or on the floor in the back seat. Pets should be properly crated or otherwise secured. The point is to ensure that even the sharpest stops won’t turn your things into projectiles.
• Secure the travelers – make sure that there are enough working seatbelts for everyone. Infants, toddlers and young children should be in the right sized car seats and booster. Kids under twelve years should stay in the back seat. That said, have a seat belt cutter handy as one of your emergency tools so that those seatbelts can be cut away if a rapid escape ever needs to be made.
• Remove distractions – program your GPS before leaving, tuck your cell phone away (or give it to a passenger to handle, as even hands-free is distracting), and do everything else in advance that needs to be done, so that you won’t be distracted while you’re driving.
• Use sun protection – the brightness and heat of the sun can make things uncomfortable. Use sunglasses to reduce eye strain and have sunscreen handy. Never leave a child or pet in an unattended car.
Limo Find limo or party bus – Wine tasting is a blast for a group party or couple outing but if you don’t have a non-drinking person within your party that has been assigned designated driver, then make sure you reserve a driving service – This makes for the best type of excursion, worry free!
• Check insurance policies – know your coverage, including everything that it does and does not cover. Make sure that it will still apply everywhere you travel, particularly if you cross a border. Know who to call if you have a question or if you need to make a claim.

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