Uninsured driver rate rises across the United States

Uninsured driver rate on the rise - graph

The number of motorists without auto insurance is increasing, particularly in five states. Almost one in every eight Americans on the road are a part of the current uninsured driver rate, said a new study. This trend is placing insured drivers at an increased financial risk in the case of a collision, said the research. The research was based on the latest information available regarding auto insurance coverage. The Hanover Insurance Group co-sponsored the research. The Insurance Research Council (IRC) directed the study. Thirteen percent of all American motorists were…

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Summer road safety tips from the Hanover Insurance Group

family auto insurance car road safety

The hope is that if enough people pay attention, it will keep people safe and reduce the need for claims. Summer is a wonderful time to hit the freeway and head across the state or even across the country on weekend, week-long, or full season trips, but Hanover Insurance Group is reminding travelers that road safety is vital to making sure that those vacations remain safe and fun. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents regardless of whether you’re on a motorcycle, a car, or an RV. The insurance…

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Homeowners in Florida share $55 million settlement of tainted Chinese drywall lawsuit

According to court documents, hundreds of homeowners in Florida will now be sharing $55 million from a settlement of a tainted Chinese drywall lawsuit, which accused the global distributor of the product of lying about its safety.  Banner Supply Co., as well as its insurers and affiliates will be funding the settlement to the homeowners.  According to the attorney for the plaintiff’s spokesperson, the settlement money will be shared among 500 to 800 homes which had received their drywall from the company.  The insurance companies involved are Hanover American Insurance…

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