Special Maryland health insurance enrollment period begins to boost coverage

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As a state of emergency is declared Marylanders have a new opportunity to obtain a plan.

A special Maryland health insurance enrollment window has opened to help uninsured residents of the state obtain coverage for added financial protection against coronavirus (COVID-19).

Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange reopened.

The Maryland health insurance enrollment window opened back up again to make sure that residents in the state had an extra chance to purchase coverage during this outbreak. Uninsured Marylanders have the opportunity to use MarylandHealthConnection.gov to be able to purchase a policy through the state’s marketplace. Alternately, they can download the Enroll MHC app and use that instead.

This will make it possible for a larger number of people to cover themselves and their families with Affordable Care Act compliant coverage as this emergency continues to unfold. To be able to buy coverage, Marylanders must request or select the “Coronavirus Emergency Special Enrollment Period” in order to be able to review their options and enroll. The state has also made a helpline available so residents can obtain free assistance and have their questions answered during business hours on weekdays. That assistance is available in over 200 languages, and the deaf and hard of hearing can access it through relay services.

The Maryland health insurance enrollment period will remain open until Wednesday, April 15.

Coverage purchased during the new enrollment window will begin on April 1, regardless of the date in which the consumer registers for the health plan. Hundreds of trained navigators and insurance brokers provide free personalized help to assist consumers in choosing the best plan for their coverage needs.

“Health concerns are heightened for many families, and Maryland is in a state of emergency. We are grateful for the support of our insurance companies in opening this additional special enrollment for uninsured residents,” said Maryland Benefit Exchange executive director Michele Eberle. The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange administers Maryland Health Connection.

The special Maryland health insurance enrollment window will run parallel to the Maryland health insurance - Doctornew Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program, which ends on the same date.

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