Simple road safety tips can start the New Year right

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Insurance companies, law enforcement and professional drivers alike are sharing ways to stay safe while having fun.

Heading out to ring in the New Year with family and friends can be a lot of fun, and with the use of a few quick and simple road safety tips, it can make sure that 2016 will start off as a celebration and not a trip to the emergency room.

The safety tips that are being recommended are not difficult and won’t get in the way of celebrations.

The entire point to the lists of road safety tips that are being released is to make sure they are practical and realistic, while also being highly effective for keeping people from suffering accidents or crashes. Sometimes, the difference between an uneventful drive and one wrought with disaster is a matter of two or three minutes of planning ahead. Certainly, that tiny amount of time is worthwhile for ensuring a joyous New Year celebration and keeping friends and family safe.

The following are some of the road safety tips have been issued in preparation for ringing in 2016.

  • New Years Eve Road SafetyBuckle up – Make sure that there are enough seat belts for everyone in the car and be sure that everyone is using them. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds to put one on, but it reduces the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent. This is true for both adults and children.
  • Maintain your tires – If you want your vehicle to react as quickly as you do, make sure the tires are inflated and that they’re the proper type of tire for the road.  For many people, that means snow tires, but either way, use a good quality tire pressure gauge to ensure they’re where they should be.
  • Don’t speed – With lots of people on the road, all trying to reach their New Year celebration destinations, the risk of collision increases. When taking into consideration that many of them may have been drinking, this makes the situation worse. Slow down and keep lots of space between your vehicle and the others on the road. It can make the difference you need in avoiding a crash.
  • Don’t drink and drive – Part of New Year’s celebrations is drinking alcoholic beverages, even if it’s just a matter of a glass or two of bubbly at midnight. It’s important to keep in mind that people have been celebrating and staying up later than they usually do. There are many other people who have been drinking and are driving, as well. For that reason, you need to be at your most capable and aware and have your best reaction time. If you plan to drink, get a cab, take public transit or arrange to stay overnight.

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