Top Tips for a Safe New Year’s Eve Party to Remember Throughout 2019

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If you’re hosting a celebration to ring in the new year, take these precautions to prevent disaster. We’d all like to enjoy a safe New Year’s Eve, but when lots of celebrating mix with lots of alcohol, it can increase several potential risks. Therefore, if you’re hosting this year, it’s a good idea to take a few easy, affordable and effective precautions to keep your guests and your possession safe. As host, it’s your responsibility to do what you can to keep all your guests safe for the celebration. When…

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Simple road safety tips can start the New Year right

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Insurance companies, law enforcement and professional drivers alike are sharing ways to stay safe while having fun. Heading out to ring in the New Year with family and friends can be a lot of fun, and with the use of a few quick and simple road safety tips, it can make sure that 2016 will start off as a celebration and not a trip to the emergency room. The safety tips that are being recommended are not difficult and won’t get in the way of celebrations. The entire point to…

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5 Tips for Helping Your Child Become A Safe Driver

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Once our child reaches the right age to start driver’s training, it is common to feel anxious. Not only do we fear for our child’s safety, but we also fear for the other people on the road. As a parent, it’s important to encourage your child to be a safe driver and with confidence. Although you can only do so much, here are five tips for helping your child become a safe driver: Explain the consequences When it comes to driving, there is always the chance of an accident. From getting…

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Insurers release most common claims made on 4th of July

Insurers across the country are making an attempt to assist people in avoiding some of the most common events leading to insurance claims throughout the 4th of July celebrations by releasing the four leading types of claim. The U.S. Fire Administration has announced that the leading cause of structure fires and related insurance claims are cooking fires. They recommend that a grill be placed an adequate distance from any structures or trees to ensure that the branches or siding will not ignite. Grease traps should be regularly emptied as they…

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Study shows driving with low blood alcohol level is still unsafe

A study performed by a sociologist at the University of California, San Diego, showed that no amount of blood alcohol – even levels that are well within the legal limit – is safe for drivers. Though the blood alcohol limit for driving within the United States is 0.08 percent, this new study has shown that even drivers who have a very low blood alcohol level and are well inside the legal limit have an increased risk of incapacitating injury and death while behind the wheel. The study was published within…

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