5 Tips for Helping Your Child Become A Safe Driver

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Once our child reaches the right age to start driver’s training, it is common to feel anxious. Not only do we fear for our child’s safety, but we also fear for the other people on the road. As a parent, it’s important to encourage your child to be a safe driver and with confidence.

Although you can only do so much, here are five tips for helping your child become a safe driver:

Explain the consequences

When it comes to driving, there is always the chance of an accident. From getting rear ended to hitting a pedestrian, there are so many opportunities for an accident. Although you don’t want to scare your child, you want to explain how dangerous the road can be. Explain that it only takes one text, one distraction and even a sneeze to cause an accident. Accidents can happen at any moment, so it’s important that you explain to your child their responsibility when on the road, especially when he or she is driving with others.

It may also be helpful to explain what a lawyer is capable of if your child were to cause an accident. For example, injuring someone or even totaling one’s car can cause an attorney to be called. Explain how money may be owed, and lives may be taken by driving unsafely. Try researching local car accident lawyers to find out more information. For example, if you live in Savannah, Georgia, you could research car accident lawyer in Savannah to read up on more information.Teen Safe Driver

Encourage practice

If your child doesn’t want to practice driving, try to encourage it anyway. The more practice your child has on the road, the better you’ll feel as a parent, and the more confident they will be on the road.

Teach them to be defensive

There are a lot of aggressive drivers out there, and it’s helpful if you can teach your child to be defensive instead. Teach them to look out for others, to avoid road rage and to stay calm on the road.

Teach them distance

A lot of accidents could have been prevented if a person were to have kept his or her space. Teach your child the dangers of tailgating, and explain that they should be at least six seconds away from the car in front of them. Tailgating doesn’t allow anyone to get anywhere faster.

Help them avoid distractions

Although young drivers tend to think they know everything, it’s important to stress how dangerous distractions are. Teach them to avoid playing with the radio, avoid using their cell phone at all costs, and teach them to keep their eyes on the road. Tell your children that if they would like to ride with their friends, they must focus on the road. Friends and other passengers can be very distracting, so it’s important to teach them to pull off the road if they cannot concentrate. This is also a great time to talk about the dangers of drunk driving.

As you can see, there is a lot to teach your child. Although wisdom and experience come with time, it’s important to do everything you can to keep your children safe.


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