Why a Santa Clarita agent sells snowmobile insurance

snowmobile insurance sold by santa clarita insurance agent

Many Californians love riding these machines but don’t realize coverage is available or most of all, how low cost it really is.

When most people think of the LA area, the last thing they think of is snow, but savvy Allstate insurance agent Kimberley Ellison recognizes a significant market for snowmobile insurance coverage.

Snowmobile insurance is more available and important to this community than many people know.

Not too far from LA is Mammoth, California, where snowmobile riders love to head out and enjoy trails, open snow, and adventure tours.  As an experienced personal lines agent who is highly involved in her community, Ellison understands that there are lots of weekend warriors who can’t get enough of the chance to get out of the city for activities like snowmobiling. 

Unfortunately, all too many people don’t realize the availability and importance of snowmobile insurance.  This leaves many riders uninsured and exposed to significant risks. Therefore, Ellison has been reaching out to her community to educate and inform regarding the importance of the right affordable coverage when heading out on the powder.

“We don’t get snow in Santa Clarita but we are just 4 hours away from Mammoth California, so a large number of our clients go out on the weekends,” said the Allstate agent and agency owner of 20 years. “Our agents talk with our customers, ask questions, and then customize the right recreational vehicle plan that fits their needs.”

Snowmobile statistics show gaps that should not be ignored.

Most US states don’t require snowmobile insurance and with over one million registered in the US this can lead to a large exposure for hobbyist. As an example, New York does require snowmobile but in California it’s only required to have a valid registration.  With the average rider age being 45 there is a great likelihood of home-ownership, having a retirement plan and other assets are most likely in play. Going into a hobby with a one in ten chance that the other guy doesn’t have insurance, is a risky plan.

Snowmobile insurance were 1 in 10 are uninsured

On average the cost of a snowmobile policy in California can run between $150 to $700 a year. Having high bodily injury limits can help protect the things you’ve worked so hard for, especially for homeowners. You may take all the precautions needed to be the safest driver as possible but not everyone does. 

This Santa Clarita insurance agent recommends these tips for those weekend warriors.

As fun as riding is, it’s also important to remember that snowmobiles are fast-moving machines, and there are many inexperienced and first-time riders sharing the same trails and snow fields, particularly on weekend vacations. Coverage is vital and awareness at all times while riding is even more important.

To make sure you have the right coverage, Ellison recommends the following:

  1. Contact an experienced local insurance agent to discuss the coverage you need for your snowmobile. This is important regardless of whether you own or rent your machine.
  2. Make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage on your snowmobile as insured rates in California aren’t nearly as high as they should ideally be.
  3. Owners can enjoy substantial savings by asking for a discount on coverage during the months when the snowmobile is in storage. Ellison reminds riders that Allstate also offers notable snowmobile insurance discounts worth checking out.
  4. Add higher liability limits and even consider having a personal umbrella policy. Don’t go with the cheapest possiblesanta clarita insurance agent in california snowmobile insurance coverage and risking falling short. Adding higher liability limits doesn’t make much of a difference to premiums, but it can make all the difference if you need to make a claim.
  5. Don’t loan out your snowmobile to anyone – Close the gap for risk by excluding the chance of an inexperienced rider or other’s behaviors.
  6. Talk to your agent about other types of coverage that may also be beneficial in case something goes wrong. This can include a supplemental accident policy to receive payments in case your injury stops you from being able to work, or even life insurance to support your dependents in case the worst should happen.

Contact Ellison Insurance Services for California snowmobile insurance – https://agents.allstate.com/kimberley-ellison-valencia-ca.html


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