Why a Santa Clarita agent sells snowmobile insurance

snowmobile insurance sold by santa clarita insurance agent

Many Californians love riding these machines but don’t realize coverage is available or most of all, how low cost it really is. When most people think of the LA area, the last thing they think of is snow, but savvy Allstate insurance agent Kimberley Ellison recognizes a significant market for snowmobile insurance coverage. Snowmobile insurance is more available and important to this community than many people know. Not too far from LA is Mammoth, California, where snowmobile riders love to head out and enjoy trails, open snow, and adventure tours. …

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International Snowmobile Safety Week is here and riders are urged to play it safe

The top four manufacturers of snowmobiles have announced their support of the International Snowmobile Safety Week, which runs from January 15 through January 21, this year, and they are hoping to encourage riders everywhere to use their machines responsibly not only this week, but throughout the entire season. The industry has traditionally used this week to advance safety enforcement and education, and they feel that they have been making great strides in this effort. They recognize, though, that snowmobile safety isn’t just something that lasts for a single week, but…

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Mild weather in December threatens the snowmobiling season

Many regions across the country are finding that they are faced with much more rain than snow this year – with several places reaching record breaking average temperatures for the month of November and are ready to do the same for this month – and the result is a delay to the start of the snowmobile season. Bob Meyers, the Maine Snowmobile Association’s executive director, said that he isn’t feeling concerned quite yet. That organization is one of the primary contributors to the snowmobile industry in that state, which is…

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