Why a Santa Clarita agent sells snowmobile insurance

snowmobile insurance sold by santa clarita insurance agent

Many Californians love riding these machines but don’t realize coverage is available or most of all, how low cost it really is. When most people think of the LA area, the last thing they think of is snow, but savvy Allstate insurance agent Kimberley Ellison recognizes a significant market for snowmobile insurance coverage. Snowmobile insurance is more available and important to this community than many people know. Not too far from LA is Mammoth, California, where snowmobile riders love to head out and enjoy trails, open snow, and adventure tours. …

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Hogan’s malpractice suit gets thrown out

Wells Fargo Insurance Services Inc. in Florida has been sued for business malpractice by celebrity Hulk Hogan. Mr. Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) sued Wells Fargo for failing to protect his assets properly, by providing him with an umbrella policy. Mr. Hogan was sued over an auto accident his son had in 2007, which left a passenger in his car with permanent brain damage. Even though both vehicles involved in the accident were his own; his vehicles’ insurance maximum payment was 250 thousand, per vehicle. With inadequate coverage, he was…

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