Safety tips for throwing New Year’s Eve parties

New Years Eve SafetyNew Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights for partying, whether it’s at a large public gathering, or a smaller family event.

Though this can be a lot of fun, the insurance industry in the state is reminding people to make sure that they take certain precautions to protect themselves against the risks that can come along with this type of celebration.

Use the following tips to make sure that you’ll minimize your chances of having to make a claim on your homeowners’ insurance next year:

• Carefully place candles so that they will not be accidentally knocked over and to make certain that they aren’t too close to other flammable materials such as furniture upholstery, carpet, drapes, party decorations or festive ribbons. Never leave any burning candles unattended.

• If there will be children attending your party, avoid putting out foods that pose an increased choking risk such as grapes, nuts, popcorn, and hard candy.

• Find out in advance if your guests have any food allergies, so that those foods can be avoided. If you can’t find out in advance, be sure to point out any of the more common allergens, such as nuts, so that they can be avoided by someone who is allergic, or removed from the room if necessary.

• Don’t leave cooking food unattended. Data from the National Fire Prevention Association shows that one of the top causes of house fires is cooking that has been left unattended.

• Remember that your guests are your responsibility, so it is up to you to make sure that none of the guests who have been drinking will be driving home.

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