Ride sharing companies to attend hearing before PA House insurance committee

crash auto car ride sharing companies

These alternative transportation businesses, including Lyft and Uber, will be sending to Harrisburg .

crash auto car ride sharing companiesToday, ride sharing companies, including those based in San Francisco called Uber and Lyft, will be sending representatives to appear at a hearing in Harrisburg before the Pennsylvania House insurance committee.

These businesses took their first steps into Pittsburgh earlier this year and have encountered some major challenges.

Primary among the problems faced by the ride sharing companies is that the Public Utility Commission (PUC) in the state has declared that the operation of these businesses is illegal. Another hearing will be held in Pittsburgh to be able to determine whether or not the request that has been made by the PUC for the businesses to cease and desist will actually be able to proceed.

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, ride sharing companies are not adequately covered.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department explained that the personal policies currently carried by the drivers do not provide the coverage that is required to cover the vehicles while they are being used for ride sharing services.

Today, members of the House committee will use the opportunity at the hearing to be able to ask questions to the representatives of the companies in attendance, so that they will be better able to look into “insurance coverage for consumers when utilizing experimental service for transportation,” said the committee’s agenda.

The Lyft executive vice president, Jim Black. The president and CEO of Yellow Cab, James Campolongo, is also on the agenda, as his company plans to launch their Yellow X peer to peer ride sharing application in the next few weeks. Until now, he has spoken out quite vocally against ride share service businesses that have been moving into the Pittsburgh area. An Uber representative will also be present.

Representing the Pennsylvania Association for Justice will be attorney Scott Cooper. That association has already filed protests to both Uber and Lyft ride sharing companies for having experimental licenses for their operations within the state. Also appearing will be the CEO and president of the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania, Samuel Marshall.

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