Ride share insurance for UberX drivers to be offered by Aviva

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The auto insurer has said that it will start to sell full coverage policies as of February in Toronto, Canada.

UberX has faced an ongoing struggle with the ride share insurance issues in Toronto, Canada – as it has in many other places throughout North America and the rest of the world – but things will start to become a little bit easier in February when Aviva starts to offer full auto policies to its drivers.

The policy would build on top of existing personal auto insurance coverage for drivers with services like UberX.

This announcement was made by Aviva spokesperson, Glenn Cooper. That said, he did point out that the ride share insurance would not be exclusive to drivers with UberX. It would also extend to other similar services that are already in existence and that might come into the area in the future. He underscored the fact that “Uber is obviously aware [of the policy], but this is a product from Aviva.”

It is important to note that the ride share insurance policy has yet to be formally filed with regulators by Aviva.

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance DiscountsWhile the auto insurance company is already saying that it has an availability date starting in February, it will still need to receive formal approval from regulators before that can happen. Still, Cooper said that the filing would occur “very soon,” and it is evident that the insurance company is very confident that it will receive approval.

That said, this is the second time a ride sharing auto insurance policy has been proposed by an insurer in the Canadian city. Last year in September, Intact Insurance announced that it would also be offering a similar type of coverage, but it did not provide an expected date in which it would make that policy available.

That said, Intact Insurance also has yet to make a formal filing with insurance regulators, according to a spokesperson at the start of this year. The new policy from Aviva has been announced at a time in which tensions are very heated in the ride share insurance industry, as the question is continually debated over whether it necessitates commercial or personal coverage.

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