Ride share insurance for UberX drivers to be offered by Aviva

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The auto insurer has said that it will start to sell full coverage policies as of February in Toronto, Canada. UberX has faced an ongoing struggle with the ride share insurance issues in Toronto, Canada – as it has in many other places throughout North America and the rest of the world – but things will start to become a little bit easier in February when Aviva starts to offer full auto policies to its drivers. The policy would build on top of existing personal auto insurance coverage for drivers…

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Lyft driver insurance is available from Progressive

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This unique coverage is a part of a pilot program that will start being sold in Pennsylvania. Progressive has recently announced that it is launching a new Lyft driver insurance program that will be available as a part of a pilot test in Pennsylvania, and that it is exclusive to that ride sharing program. This special form of auto insurance coverage will not extend to drivers with the much larger Uber company. This Lyft driver insurance program is a first of its kind and was just rolled out by Progressive…

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Uber and Lyft withdraw opposition to auto insurance bill

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Legislation in California aims to change the way insurance works for ride-share companies Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have been working together to combat legislation in California that would make changes to the state’s auto insurance requirements. The two companies typically compete with one another quite aggressively, but have become allies because of this controversial legislation. The legislation in question, Assembly Bill 2293, aims to place higher insurance requirements on both companies and the drivers that they hire. Uber and Lyft believe that these higher requirements would have a negative…

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Uber and Lyft fight auto insurance legislation

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Ride-share companies continue to fight legislation that could have a severe impact on their business Ride-share companies Uber and Lyft are fighting legislation that could, essentially, ruin their business. Auto insurance is at the heart of the legislative battle that has been brewing in the ride-share sector for some time. Both Uber and Lyft have been the subject of criticism recently due to the way they handle insurance coverage for their drivers. The matter has become so problematic that government officials have introduced new legislation to address the issue. Legislation…

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Ride sharing service in Iowa comes with potential insurance problems

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Commissioner Nick Gerhart has cautioned drivers that signing up for these programs could negate their coverage. The Iowa insurance commissioner, Nick Gerhart, has released a statement of caution to drivers in the state who are considering participating in ride sharing services, such as Uber, as signing up to give people drives under this type of program could nullify their auto policies. While the Uber service has not yet made its way into Des Moines, the company has been looking at the city. That said, the commissioner spoke in advance of…

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