Uber liabilities means the rideshare company “depends heavily” on insurance coverage

Uber liabilities - Uber app

The firm is on its way to its initial public offering and would not have reached this place without policies. Uber liabilities are widespread due to the very nature and size of the company. As it comes closer to its initial public offering (I.P.O.), many are recognizing that insurance coverage was integral to its success. The rideshare company is seeking to raise $10 billion along the way to its initial public offering. Uber Technologies Inc. openly acknowledges that it wouldn’t have been possible for it to reach this point without…

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Ride share insurance for UberX drivers to be offered by Aviva

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The auto insurer has said that it will start to sell full coverage policies as of February in Toronto, Canada. UberX has faced an ongoing struggle with the ride share insurance issues in Toronto, Canada – as it has in many other places throughout North America and the rest of the world – but things will start to become a little bit easier in February when Aviva starts to offer full auto policies to its drivers. The policy would build on top of existing personal auto insurance coverage for drivers…

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Uber continues to tackle auto insurance challenge

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Uber is at the heart of controversy involving auto insurance coverage Uber is the subject of new auto insurance regulations that may go into effect in the United States, of which it is opposed to. The ride-share company notes that one of its greatest challenges is ensuring that its drivers have the appropriate level of insurance coverage. In recent years, ride-share companies have been criticized for the insurance policies they offer to their drivers, they have also generated some controversy in several states, especially among taxi operators who claim that…

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Ride-share companies may have trouble with auto insurance gap

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Insurance gap could threaten the future of ride-share companies as they continue to juggle financial risks and liability issues Ride-share companies are becoming more popular and they are beginning to feel pressure to address the insurance gap problem they have. The insurance gap has the potential to threaten the future of ride-sharing and if companies cannot find an effective way to address the issue, they may find it difficult to continue operating in some states. The problem stems from the relative youth of the ride-share sector. Because ride-sharing is so…

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Concerns ignited over Uber’s auto insurance issues

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Uber catches the attention of insurance regulators in Texas Uber, a personal transportation company that is growing at an astonishing rate, is beginning to attract the attention of state regulators in Texas. The Insurance Council of Texas has voiced its concerns about Uber, noting that 20 other states throughout the U.S. are beginning to look into issues regarding auto insurance coverage and the company’s services. Gaps in auto insurance coverage could create dangerous situations for consumers that make use of Uber’s services. There are concerns regarding Uber’s policies on auto…

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