Understanding the Challenges of Property Insurance Claims Denials in Florida

property insurance claims denied

Understanding the Challenges of Property Insurance Claims Denials in Florida

The landscape of property insurance in Florida is a complex and often challenging arena for homeowners. In recent years, the state has seen a significant uptick in litigation related to property insurance claims, particularly denials and underpayments. This post aims to shed light on this pressing issue, offering insights and guidance to those navigating the often turbulent waters of property insurance claims in Florida.

1. The Startling Statistics of Insurance Claims in Florida

A critical statistic that sheds light on the current state of property insurance claims in Florida is the high rate of litigation. According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Florida accounted for 7.75% to 16% of homeowners’ claims in the U.S. but astonishingly represented 64% to 76% of the nation’s litigated homeowners’ claims. This disparity highlights a significant trend in the state: a high propensity for insurance claim disputes escalating into legal battles.

2. The Underlying Causes

Several factors contribute to the high rate of claim denials and subsequent litigation in Florida:

  • Litigation Trends: Florida’s property insurance market is characterized by a disproportionately high amount of litigation. In 2019, while Florida accounted for 8.16% of all homeowners’ claims opened in the U.S., it astonishingly accounted for 76.45% of all homeowners’ suits opened against insurance companies. This trend isn’t new; similar patterns have been observed over several years.
  • Claims Denial Rates: The rate at which claims are closed without payment in Florida is concerning. In 2019, Florida’s ratio of suits opened to claims closed without payment was nearly 28%, significantly higher than other states.
  • Impact of Natural Disasters: Florida’s geographical location makes it prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, which often lead to a surge in insurance claims. The extensive damage caused by events like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Ian has put immense pressure on the insurance industry, leading to a higher incidence of claim denials and disputes.

3. Consequences and Repercussions

The high rate of claim denials and litigation in Florida has far-reaching consequences:

  • Financial Strain: For insurance companies, the rising tide of litigation has been financially taxing, leading to significant losses and increased rates for consumers.
  • Market Instability: The ongoing challenges have contributed to instability in Florida’s property insurance market, with companies enacting coverage restrictions and consumers facing difficulties in finding affordable coverage.
  • Legal Reforms: The situation has prompted calls for legislative reform to address the root causes of the issue and bring more stability to the market.property insurance claims denied and what policy holders need to do

4. What Homeowners Can Do

For homeowners in Florida facing property insurance claim denials, there are several steps to consider:

  • Understanding Your Policy: It’s crucial to thoroughly understand your insurance policy and the coverage it provides.
  • Dispute Resolution: If you believe your claim was unfairly denied, consider disputing the decision with your insurance provider.
  • Seeking Legal Advice: In cases where disputes cannot be resolved amicably, consulting with a legal professional who specializes in property insurance claims can be a wise step.


The landscape of property insurance claims in Florida is fraught with challenges. Homeowners must navigate this terrain with a clear understanding of their rights and the prevalent trends in claim denials and litigation. By staying informed and seeking appropriate guidance, individuals can better position themselves to handle these challenges effectively.


  1. Why is there so much litigation related to property insurance claims in Florida? The high rate of litigation is driven by a combination of factors including the state’s vulnerability to natural disasters, the high rate of claim denials, and a legal environment that has historically been conducive to lawsuits.
  2. What can I do if my property insurance claim is denied in Florida? Review your policy to understand your coverage, document your claim thoroughly, and consider disputing the denial with your insurance company. If necessary, seek legal advice.
  3. Are there any legislative efforts to address this issue in Florida? Yes, there have been calls for legislative reforms to address the high rate of litigation and claim denials, aiming to bring more stability and fairness to the property insurance market in Florida.

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