Homeowners insurance claims could take several weeks to process

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Adjusters are backed up from thousands of claims from the superstorm. Because of the destruction all along the Atlantic coast of the country, customers with homeowners insurance claims should expect quite a delay before adjusters will be able to make it to their homes to move the process forward. This is especially true among policyholders who have not experienced damage leaving the home unlivable. This is leaving many homeowners insurance customers unable to proceed with the repairs of their homes. Many hesitate to take any action before the adjuster can…

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Texas wildfires wreak havoc on citizens and the insurance industry

Texas is battling a raging wildfire that has broken out in Bastrop, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties. The fires have already scorched more than 100,000 acres of land and burned several hundred homes throughout Central Texas. Many communities have been evacuated as no end is currently in sight for the wildfires. The disaster is expected to add to the financial strain bearing down on the nation’s insurance industry, which is already reeling from two costly flooding disasters stemming from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Insurers are estimating that the…

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