State Farm Seeks Major Rate Increase in California

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State Farm, California’s largest insurer, is proposing sizable rate increases for its residential insurance policies in the state, potentially impacting millions of homeowners and renters. The company has filed for a 30% rate hike for its homeowners’ insurance, a 52% increase for renters, and a 36% escalation for condominium owners. This marks the third major change for State Farm in California within a year. State Farm’s Justification In a statement, State Farm indicated that these rate increases are necessary for the long-term sustainability of its California subsidiary, State Farm General.…

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Understanding the Challenges of Property Insurance Claims Denials in Florida

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Understanding the Challenges of Property Insurance Claims Denials in Florida The landscape of property insurance in Florida is a complex and often challenging arena for homeowners. In recent years, the state has seen a significant uptick in litigation related to property insurance claims, particularly denials and underpayments. This post aims to shed light on this pressing issue, offering insights and guidance to those navigating the often turbulent waters of property insurance claims in Florida. 1. The Startling Statistics of Insurance Claims in Florida A critical statistic that sheds light on…

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The Serious Illness Insurance Market Will Reportedly Hit $354 Billion By 2031!

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On a global scale, the serious or critical insurance market is reported to remain on a rise! Advancements in science and medicine makes it easier than ever for consumers to consider the possibility of having to live with cancer, heart disease or kidney failure during their lifetimes. By understanding more about common diseases, it appears that consumers are also wanting more insurance coverage to adequately address potential future medical emergencies. Allied Market Research was able to release their 2021 findings that clearly stated that the serious illness insurance market generated…

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Insurance and business executives gather in New York City to examine the insurance industry

This week, leaders from the insurance, financial services, legal and media industries gathered in New York City for the annual New York City Dinner at the St. Regis Hotel. The dinner serves a form of intimate conference catering to the executives that run the numerous industries. This year, the event held particular meaning as the leaders of the two most influential and successful insurance corporations spoke about the state of the world’s insurance industry. Lloyd’s of London CEO Lord Pete Levene was joined by Brian Duperreault, CEO of Marsh &…

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