Wawanesa Mutual unveils new digital education platform for insurance brokers

Platform for insurance brokers - digital learning

The insurer has introduced the technology to provide its partners with meaningful support.

Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company recently announced its new digital education platform for insurance brokers to provide additional support for those partners.

This new tool offers convenient access to on-demand training tools and modules.

The new Wawanesa training platform for insurance brokers is meant to offer education in an effective, efficient and convenient way. Called ‘Broker Continuing Education’, this platform offers training opportunities precisely when the partners need them. Though it is already being populated with a number of different courses, the intention is to provide it with regular updates so that its value and support to the partners will only continue to grow.

The new training platform is available to brokers who prefer to experience their training on laptop and desktop computers but is also available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to ensure that it is convenient and accessible to professionals through their devices of preference.

The Wawanesa education platform for insurance brokers is now available to all partners and their teams.

Since the official Wawanesa Broker Continuing Education launch on January 7, it became available to all the insurer’s broker partners and the members of their teams.

“The advice and expertise of independent insurance brokers has never been more important,” stated Graham Haigh, vide president of broker distribution at Wawanesa. Haigh went on to explain that the previous training program at the insurer delivered almost 350 education sessions to more than 20,000. However, by way of the newly launched platform, the goal is to build beyond that foundation of support for partner brokers. The hope is to “empower them with better digital training tools to provide excellent service to our mutual policyholders.”

The idea is to look to the brokers first when designing the training programs moving forward. This also involves “working with brokers to improve the digital services Platform for insurance brokers - digital learningwe offer policyholders,” explained Haigh while discussing the way in which the education strategy will continue to grow through the training program for insurance brokers. “Wawanesa is all-in on brokers and proud to work together to continuously improve the customer experience.”

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