Why It Is Important for Health Insurance Companies to Invest in People

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The insurance industry has always been a people-intensive industry. The industry relies on capable people – from agents to underwriters and risk managers – to deliver services to customers. While there are plenty of technologies affecting this industry, people remain at the heart of many insurance operations.

For health insurance companies, in particular, investing in people is now a necessity rather than an option. The industry is getting more competitive, and there are many reasons why it is important for health insurance companies to invest in the people supporting their operations.

Better Customer Experience

It is difficult to deny the fact that health insurance companies rely on their workers to deliver the best customer experience. The industry is shifting towards a more customer-oriented approach, which is why the people working in the industry need to adopt the same customer-focused mindset.

The adoption of this new mindset is not something that can happen on its own. More and more insurance companies are hosting training sessions and providing employees with courses on how to treat customers better.

The goal is delivering an unrivaled customer experience that keeps health insurance buyers loyal to the services you offer, and the way to do that is by making sure that everyone in the team knows how to deliver a personalized, highly positive user experience at every turn.

Higher Retention

It is also worth noting that the competitiveness of the industry means everyone is trying to recruit better people for their teams. Retention becomes a big challenge to overcome. While most employees are loyal as long as they are happy with their work environment, many will choose to jump ship when a better offer comes along.

There are multiple ways to decrease your turnover and boost employee happiness or experience. Using HR analytics tools such as Inpulse allows you to get a better understanding of your employees, and that is always a great starting point. Surveys and HR analytics are also handy for identifying pain points and making sure that team members are empowered.

Professional Growth

The growth of the people supporting your business has a direct correlation with the growth of the business itself. As employees pursue personal developments and grow, your business will grow alongside them.

When team members master new skills, for instance, your business directly benefits from those skills. This is why health insurance companies are now among the most active when it comes to providing employees with training and personal development programs.

Some companies even go as far as encouraging employees to go back to school and pursue higher degrees. Supporting employees’ pursuit for a higher degree allows companies to invest in the future, mainly in people who will be capable of filling strategic roles as the company grows.

There is no doubt that health insurance companies need to invest more in their people; some are already taking active steps right now. For insurance consumers, these investments will result in better user experience and a more customer-oriented health insurance landscape, both of which are good.

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