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Summertime heat can be lots of fun, but special care needs to be taken to avoid hazards.

As the summer brings its expected heat waves, pet insurance companies remind owners that while this can mean lots of fun in the sun, there are potential hazards connected with the hot weather, too, and care must be taken to prevent health problems.

It’s lots of fun to bring a dog to the beach or go for a walk, but remember that they can overheat.

High temperatures and not enough water can lead to dangerous health concerns, such as heat stroke or sunburn. Make sure that your pet always has access to lots of cool, fresh water and a shady place to lie down outside of the direct sunlight.

Make sure that you also know how to recognize the signs of heat distress in your animal. That way, even if you have taken all of the appropriate preventive actions, you can still avoid a situation that could lead to a pet insurance claim.

Every year, pet insurance companies are faced with claims associated with high temperatures.

This is because conditions such as heat stroke require immediate veterinary assistance or the life of the pet can be put at risk. Of course, while it is important to take the right actions to prevent heat related hazards, it is also vital to avoid actions that could increase the risk.

Even when you’re not in a heat wave, never leave your dog in a car or any other poorly ventilated or confined space. It doesn’t take a hot day outside to have the temperature skyrocket inside a vehicle. Even if the temperature is in the mid 70s outside, it takes only five minutes for the inside of a car to reach 90 degrees. Within 25 minutes, it can be over 110 degrees. Even a few minutes in these temperatures can be dangerous to an animal’s health, or even its life.

Even though pet insurance companies, police departments, and news programs all try to spread the word every year regarding the danger of leaving animals inside cars, there are still far too many dog and cat owners who feel that they are somehow an exception to the rule, and that their own pet will be immune to the risks they are deliberately adding to their lives.

Far too many pet insurance claims in the summertime are the result of this behavior or overexerting a pet in the heat. Preventive action is the best way to keep your own animal safe.

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