Washington state introduces new rules for pet insurance providers

Pet insurance - New Rules

A new law will require that insurers adhere to stricter regulations when covering animals. Washington state has passed a new law that will require that pet insurance providers to comply with stricter rules. These new rules will include establishing a new standard to define precisely what a pre-existing condition is if an insurer intends to use it to deny a claim. Vagueness in definitions of terms such as pre-existing conditions will need to be clarified. Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed the coverage clarity bill into law, explaining that this…

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Pet insurance premiums are spiking in the UK

Pet Insurance

Some dog and cat owners are discovering that the health coverage for their animals is rising fast. Many of the cat and dog owners in the United Kingdom are facing an unpleasant discovery when they renew their pet insurance policies, as they are discovering that the coverage is becoming much more costly. Some animal owners have experienced premium hikes of over 40 percent. At that rate of increase, the premiums are rising at approximately 15 times the rate of inflation. This is forcing many to have to make a difficult…

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Pet insurance tips to help keep animals safe and healthy in the summer

Things to consider when searching for pet insurance

Summertime heat can be lots of fun, but special care needs to be taken to avoid hazards. As the summer brings its expected heat waves, pet insurance companies remind owners that while this can mean lots of fun in the sun, there are potential hazards connected with the hot weather, too, and care must be taken to prevent health problems. It’s lots of fun to bring a dog to the beach or go for a walk, but remember that they can overheat. High temperatures and not enough water can lead…

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Benefits and drawbacks of pet insurance coverage

Pet insurance coverage is steadily on the rise as a growing number of dog, cat, and exotic animal owners seek additional financial support to cover the cost of keeping their animals happy and healthy. There are now ten times more insured pets than there were a decade ago, with policies that can insure anything from the regular health check-ups to unexpected emergency services or surgeries. There is a wide range of coverage available, but remember that the better it is, the higher the premiums will be. According to most veterinarians,…

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Pet insurance rates climb as a result of spoiled dogs

Pet owners who over feed their dogs are causing veterinary bills to skyrocket and, as a result, are forcing pet insurance rates to spike right along with them. Insurers of pets have reported that pet obesity – especially in dogs – is causing the animals to suffer from a number of unpleasant and expensive illnesses. Just as is the case with people, dogs suffer from many related conditions when they are overweight. However, because they are smaller than humans, the problems caused by the extra pounds are compounded and come…

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