Pet insurance company unveils top 2016 claims for dogs and cats

dog pet insurance company

Healthy Paws has revealed the most expensive payouts it made for veterinary bills this year.

The Healthy Paws pet insurance company has now revealed the top claims made for cats and dogs this year. Families found themselves making claims to cover veterinary bills for unexpected emergencies, incidents and illnesses for their furriest members.

With high levels of veterinary care can come exceptionally large bills that owners need to pay.

These days, dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They are indeed members of the family and their human parents will go to great lengths to ensure that they receive the best possible veterinary care. This has advanced veterinary medicine and the size of the bills at the same time. At times of accident and illness, animal owners don’t want to have to decide between their financial futures and the health of their pets. For this reason, they have been purchasing policies from a pet insurance company to help cover those potential expenses.

One pet insurance company has now revealed just how much it has spent on some of the most expensive claims.

dog pet insurance companyHealthy Paws Pet Insurance policies can provide coverage for some of the very latest in veterinary medical care. This can include everything from cutting edge robotic surgeries to specialized forms of MRIs and ultrasounds. The result of this coverage is that some vet bill claims have come in at more than $20,000.

The most expensive vet bill for a dog was $26,292, for which Healthy Paws provided an insurance payment of almost $20,000. That claim was for a senior dog with intervertebral disc disease, a kind of disease spine and that is painful and that can lead to paralysis, as well as a muscle disorder and pneumonia. That poor pooch required veterinary hospitalization for a day shy of two weeks.

On the feline side of the coin, the most expensive cat insurance payout was for $19,000 of a total $21,213 bill. In that case, a Maine Coon cat who was 4 years old was brought to see the vet due to heavy breathing. The vet conducted an exploratory surgery and found a left lung abscess and a right collapsed lung. Surgery corrected both of these issues.

These were extreme cases but in both situations the dog and cat owners were fortunate to be able to turn to their pet insurance company to pay the majority of their bills.

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