Nationwide Insurance prepares to name the Hambone Award 2019 winner

Hambone Award 2019 - dog in veterinary clinic

The insurer holds this event every year and has asked the public to vote on the weirdest pet related claim. Nationwide is holding its Hambone Award 2019 event and has asked the public to vote on the top strange pet insurance claim of the year. The insurer’s award is an annual event that honours the pet with the weirdest insurance claim. The Hambone Award 2019 already has its finalists, but the winner has yet to be named. The award started in 2009. It was named after the first winner, which…

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Bullmastiff that ate a spatula wins weirdest pet insurance claim award

A dog from Lake Charles, Louisiana won the award by consuming the kitchen utensil. A Nationwide pet insurance claim involving a dog that ate a spatula might have been scary at the time, but ended up being an award-winning tale. The owners of the unfortunate pooch were relieved to have an insurance policy to pay for their dog’s care. The Lake Charles, Louisiana bullmastiff won the insurer’s most unusual pet insurance claim of the year award for 2017. This was certainly good news after the poor dog was required to…

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Pet insurance company unveils top 2016 claims for dogs and cats

dog pet insurance company

Healthy Paws has revealed the most expensive payouts it made for veterinary bills this year. The Healthy Paws pet insurance company has now revealed the top claims made for cats and dogs this year. Families found themselves making claims to cover veterinary bills for unexpected emergencies, incidents and illnesses for their furriest members. With high levels of veterinary care can come exceptionally large bills that owners need to pay. These days, dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They are indeed members of the family and their human parents will go…

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Pet insurance company names winner of “most unusual claim” contest

Pet Insurance cat

A cat in Middletown, Delaware named Lewes was given this month’s title. A two year old cat named Lewes, who is owned by the Racelis family in Middletown, Delaware has now earned a rather unique form of recognition, as his pet insurance company named his circumstance as having the “Most Unusual Claim of the Month” after he was required to undergo an emergency surgery in order to extract a foam dart out of his small intestine. The insurer hands the title out to the oddest claim that is made each…

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So you think insurance is wasted money, think again!

While insurance may seem to be a burden to most people, it does have moments of significance that is usually only noticed when certain situations arise. Five important insurance claims are explored, including car problems, fine arts, pet insurance, natural disasters and the 9/11 financial burden. Auto insurance holds a huge significance that should not be taken for granted. Back in 2007 in the UK, a car shopper took out a Pagani Zonda for a test drive which is worth £500,000, with only ten of the cars produced in a…

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