Pet insurance company unveils top 2016 claims for dogs and cats

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Healthy Paws has revealed the most expensive payouts it made for veterinary bills this year. The Healthy Paws pet insurance company has now revealed the top claims made for cats and dogs this year. Families found themselves making claims to cover veterinary bills for unexpected emergencies, incidents and illnesses for their furriest members. With high levels of veterinary care can come exceptionally large bills that owners need to pay. These days, dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They are indeed members of the family and their human parents will go…

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Pet insurance in California now involves new disclosure rules

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A new law within the state obliges insurers to explain their policy coverage very clearly to animal owners. California has now become the first state in the country to create regulations with regards to disclosure within the pet insurance industry, which is primarily unregulated up until this point. The bill was recently signed into law to ensure that consumers will know the coverage that they are buying. Governor Jerry Brown recently signed bill AB2056, making it into a law that states that pet insurance companies must provide animal owners with…

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