Pet boarding insurance covers businesses watching animal family members overnight

pet boarding insurance - dog outside dog house

These animal hotels can be run out of large facilities or may operate right out of a person’s home.

Pet boarding insurance is a critical part of any business that allows animal owners to leave their furry family members to stay overnight. These companies are popular options when owners head away on vacation, when they need to stay somewhere that pets aren’t welcome, when homes are being fumigated or during renovations.

Business owners can use this type of insurance policy to cover themselves against many liabilities.

Managing one or several pets opens up a business to a string of different liabilities. This exposure means that pet boarding insurance can ensure that the business owner won’t face devastating financial consequences if something should go wrong.

There are a number of different types of coverage that will typically apply to this sort of business. These include professional liability insurance in the case that the business owner provides advice or recommendations to the animal owner. There is also liability coverage against accidental injury or loss of the pets while they are in the business’s care. Though these types of coverage can be purchased individually, there are some insurers that provide specific boarding insurance policies in order to offer all the types of coverage that are specific to this form of company.

Every insurer offers a different type of pet boarding insurance policy, so shopping around is important.

There isn’t a standard form of insurance policy for animal babysitting and boarding companies. Therefore, it’s important for business owners to shop around to make sure they find the insurer that sells the type of policy that best reflects their coverage needs including liability, animal care, and property.

Issues that business owners should keep in mind regarding the types of coverage they may need include (but aren’t limited to):

• Play areas, suites and runs (both indoor and outdoor)
• Playgroups
• Food and treats (whether owner-supplied or facility-supplied)
• Treadmill walking
• Any “at home” care for animals that are brought to a business owner’s home after the facility closes at night
• Dog walking for exercise or bathroom needs
• Any time the animals are taken off the business property
• Pet pick-up and drop-off services (note that using a vehicle commercially is not covered in this type of policy. A separate commercial auto insurance policy will be required)
• Administering medication to the animal as per the owner’s instructions

Pay close attention to the requirements of the pet boarding insurance policy, such as the need for certain pet vaccinations, the types of animals covered, the maximum number of animals at any given time, the off-leash pet boarding insurance - dog outside dog houseregulations, pet owner waiver form signatures and other issues that will be needed for a situation to qualify for a claim.

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