Pennsylvania Insurance Department aids in recovery after unusual hailstorm

hail pennsylvania insurance

Powerful hailstorm causes significant damage to homes and vehicles in Pennsylvania

hail pennsylvania insuranceA massive hailstorm has struck Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The storm is being called a particularly “devastating” event and lead to significant damage to property and vehicles. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has begun working with those affected by the power storm, hoping to assist in the recovery process and help consumers better understand their insurance policies and what coverage they have. The damage caused by the hailstorm is still being assessed.

State agency brings in out-of-state appraisers to expedite the claims and recover process for victims of powerful storm

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has tasked out-of-state appraisers with assessing the damage caused to properties and vehicles by the hailstorm. These appraisers are meant to help accelerate the claims process, allowing those affected by the storm to receive payouts from their insurance providers. The state agency is urging those affected by the storm to carefully examine their homeowners and auto insurance policies to better understand what is and is not covered.

Storm causes damage to property and vehicles, but no physical injuries have been reported

While there have been a large number of reports of damage to property and vehicles, there have not yet been any reports of physical injury related to the hailstorm. The National Weather Service notes that tennis ball-sized hail stones were widely reported throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The state’s emergency management officials have stated that the damage associated with the storm is still being assessed.

Insurers show concern for the increasing frequency of powerful and damaging storms that are becoming common in many parts of the country

The hailstorm was unusually severe for Pennsylvania. The state is no stranger to natural disasters, of course, having experienced flooding, ice damming, and various other catastrophes. Insurers in the state have warned that severe weather may become more common due to environmental conditions. Some insurance companies have suggested that consumers begin considering increasing their insurance coverage in order to guard against the damage that could be caused by unusually powerful storms. Fortunately for most consumers, typical homeowners and auto insurance coverage provides protection against the damage caused by hail.

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