Hail damage claims in Colorado cause insurance companies to brace themselves

homeowners insurance hail damage storm

As this year proves to be another in which tornadoes and other storms will be damaging, insurers are preparing.

homeowners insurance hail damage stormProperty insurance companies are getting ready for the wave of claims that they are expecting from the tornadoes and hail damage that have resulted from the recent storms in Colorado.

Insurers believe that the totals for the claims could be quite significant, and they are bracing for it.

At the time that this article was written, no estimates had yet been compiled. However, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association executive director, Carole Walker, has said that the severe weather and the impact that it had was considerable and that the total will not be a small one. This is particularly true as certain areas around the Denver International Airport, as well as in the northeast Denver community called Green Valley Ranch each experienced significant hail damage.

That said, the hail damage also occurred in a number of other parts of metro Denver.

Walker explained that “When it’s this widespread, we’re still in a wait-and-see mode,” adding that “Claims are starting to come in from Tuesday and Wednesday, and we’re bracing for Round 3.” In that, she was referring to the forecasted thunderstorms from the National Weather Service in Boulder, Colorado, which were predicted for the late afternoon and early evening on Thursday. They brought with them some more heavy and severe weather in the areas of Akron and Denver.

While the storm was predicted to be slow moving and to drop hail pellets of up to 1 ½ inches in diameter and bring up to two inches of rain within a span of less than three quarters of an hour, the impact was not quite as great as that worst case scenario. Still, that last wave only contributed to the damage that was already being experienced throughout the area, crushing gardens and leading to traffic accidents.

Some of the hail damage that the state has experienced included six aircraft from Frontier Airlines, that has caused the cancellation of 16 flights. Moreover, there were also at least forty flights that had to be diverted away from Denver International Airport, which also experienced extensive delays. Also feeling the pain from the storms was a car dealership south of Denver, Alpine Buick GMC, where it is estimated that 98 percent of vehicles were dented, scratched, or smashed in some way, which will lead to an insurance claim of up to $10 million.

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