Pennsylvania Insurance Department aids in recovery after unusual hailstorm

hail pennsylvania insurance

Powerful hailstorm causes significant damage to homes and vehicles in Pennsylvania A massive hailstorm has struck Pennsylvania and neighboring states. The storm is being called a particularly “devastating” event and lead to significant damage to property and vehicles. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has begun working with those affected by the power storm, hoping to assist in the recovery process and help consumers better understand their insurance policies and what coverage they have. The damage caused by the hailstorm is still being assessed. State agency brings in out-of-state appraisers to expedite…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Department provides some tips on surviving Halloween

Halloween Liability Claims

Pennsylvania Insurance Department aims for a safe holiday Halloween is coming and that means there are some scary hazard lurking around the corner. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has seen several problems arise throughout the state when Halloween kicks into full swing. There are several unpredictable elements that go into the holiday that are near impossible to account for. As such, the agency has taken this opportunity to remind homeowners to prepare for whatever may happen by ensuring their insurance policies are up to snuff. Agency provide tips on how to…

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Senator Casey appeals to PA Insurance Commissioner Consedine for better sinkhole damage coverage for homeowners

United States Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), has addressed Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine, of Pennsylvania, and has asked for assistance for homeowners in covering themselves against the devastation that can be caused by sinkholes. What Senator Casey has called for is the help of the insurance industry to make homeowners more aware of what overage they have to protect them against the cost of sinkhole damages in the event that one should occur. In order to make this request, Senator Casey sent a letter to Commissioner Consedine, which said that all…

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Allstate proposes higher rates for Pennsylvania homes

Allstate of Pennsylvania has issued a new rate proposal for its property and casualty insurance lines. The company is seeking to raise its rates due to the unprecedented frequency of national disasters befalling the state. These disasters have placed the insurer under enormous financial pressure as it attempts to mitigate the damage caused by this year’s multitude of storms. The insurer is asking state regulators for approval to raise its rates by an average of 20% for the 195,000 policies in effect in Pennsylvania. This year’s storms have caused damage…

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