New report identifies online and mobile industry trends in insurance for BRIC countries

Mobile Commerce Insurance IndustryA new report has just been released that has provided an in-depth analysis of the adoption of online and mobile commerce strategies by insurance companies in BRIC countries.

The report is entitled “Online Strategies of Banking and Insurance Companies in the BRIC Countries”. It provides insight into the latest insurance industry trends in China, India, Brazil, and Russia.

What it found was that the industry in those countries are adopting social media as a part of their online and mobile commerce marketing tools. It also looked into the drivers and trends that are supporting their strategy growth, and the challenges that those companies face with their platforms. The report examined the regulations within the BRIC countries that are impacting the growth of insurance.

On an increasing basis, insurance companies in those countries are using their online and mobile platforms for the marketing of their products and services. They are offering all-inclusive online service networks in order to attract customers.

For example, the report identified PICC, an insurance company in China, which has put a special online website into place to provide consumers with insurance purchasing online, as well as a series of value-added services for its customers. Similarly, an online shopping model was introduced by Ping An Insurance from the same country, in order to offer consumers various insurance services.

The report examined the way that the online platforms were used by the insurance industries for finding new markets, launching new products and services, monitoring the performance of their brands, and collecting feedback from customers.

Furthermore, the report provided insight into the market sizes of the different forms of social media within each of those nations, making predictions about the way that the industry will be using online and mobile strategies to solidify their positions in the marketplace.

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