National Preparedness Month underway amidst hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes

National Preparedness Month - Emergency Response

Community leaders, scientists and the insurance industry are hoping people will inform themselves about being prepared.

National Preparedness Month is more than halfway through and it feels as though Mother Nature is reminding us of its importance. Traditionally, the insurance industry, scientists and community leaders try to convince people of the importance of being prepared.

This year, the news headlines of regularly occurring natural disasters seems to be doing the job.

The entire point to National Preparedness Month is to learn about the types of emergencies that could happen within your own area and to take steps to be ready, just in case. While insurance companies, mayors and scientists often struggle to convince people that disasters can strike without warning, the last month has made the case with one natural catastrophe after the next.

September began with Texas and Louisiana in the midst of record floods from Hurricane Harvey and with wildfires across several western states. The first earthquake then struck Mexico, followed by tornadoes in the U.S., as well as Hurricane Irma damaging massive parts of Florida after having left several Caribbean islands in ruins. Barbuda no longer has any residents. Puerto Rico was just struck by Hurricane Maria with forces not seen for over three quarters of a century. A second earthquake has also struck Mexico, killing hundreds of people.

National Preparedness Month cautions that disasters can strike without warning, so being ready is critical.

National Preparedness Month -  Emergency Response This month reminds us all that we need to be aware of the types of disasters that could affect us and those we love. The insurance industry uses this month to remind policyholders to review their coverage and make sure they understand what they do and do not have in terms of protection.

It encourages people to speak with their insurance agents or with a representative from their insurers in order to inform themselves if they have any questions. It’s also a good idea to update a policy to ensure that it provides the coverage you need.

This month is also a great time to go over emergency and disaster procedures with the family, including communications and escape plans in case of fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other possible threats. Creating an emergency kit or updating and freshening an existing one is also recommended. Community leaders and insurance companies have made many recommendations regarding what that kit should include.

This year, the importance of National Preparedness Month is more evident than ever. Everyone is encouraged to take the time to ensure they are ready should the worst happen.

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