Minnesota and New York file Trump administration lawsuit over health care funding cuts

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

The states have sued the administration for having slashed federal funding for their low-income populations.

The state of Minnesota has filed a new Trump administration lawsuit, challenging the decision to cut federal funding for the state’s public health care program. The program is designed to assist those who are employed but who remain below the poverty line.

Attorney General Lori Swanson first announced the legal action at the end of last week.

The purpose of Minnesota’s Trump administration lawsuit is to stop the federal government for being able to put through a $130 million cut to MinnesotaCare funding. That program provides low-income individuals and families in the state with health insurance coverage.

Minnesota isn’t alone in this health care lawsuit. New York has included itself among the case’s plaintiffs. New York state boasts a similar health insurance program for low-income residents. Its program is also facing considerable reductions in the amount of federal funding.

The Trump administration lawsuit from New York and Minnesota is meant to avoid losing millions.

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration LawsuitThe states are trying to stop themselves from losing millions of dollars in payments meant to help support and maintain health care.

“For each dollar Minnesota sends to Washington, D.C., we get just 53 cents back,” explained Swanson. “This lawsuit seeks to avoid Minnesota losing hundreds of millions of dollars of payments in the coming years.”

There are currently around 89,000 residents of Minnesota who receive coverage through MinnesotaCare. That program provides health insurance to those who earn too much money through their employment to qualify for other government health care programs, but who don’t make enough to be able to afford private plans through the state insurance exchange. A family of four has an income eligibility window of between $32,718 and $49,200. MinnesotaCare was first launched in 1992 and was expanded through the support of the Affordable Care Act.

“MinnesotaCare is a vital part of our state’s strong commitment to ensuring Minnesotans have access to quality healthcare,” explained Emily Piper, Human Services Commissioner, who released a statement in support of Minnesota’s Trump administration lawsuit. The filing was made in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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