Millennial insurance jobs are consistently underestimated despite career potential

millennial insurance jobs

This generation is only just starting to tap into an industry that is open for starting and growing opportunities.

Millennial insurance jobs are proving to be among the employment opportunities that have the greatest potential for that generation. They are taking positions from claims adjusters to data scientists and underwriters in which there are massive skill sets to be built.

Even more important is that the insurance employment positions are available right now.

As a huge wave of baby boomers rapidly retires and as the industry evolves, millennial insurance jobs have been opening from coast to coast. Insurers are urgently working to fill these jobs and the millennial generation is considered to be one of the best groups to step into these positions. According to a risk and insurance professional development group called The Institutes, the industry will have approximately 400,000 positions to fill over the next three years.

This means that there will be a tremendous rise in the availability of millennial insurance jobs.

millennial insurance jobsThis generation will be able to offer everything from people getting a foot in the door to start their careers to experienced individuals who are looking to move up by another rung in the ladder. It is a considerable opportunity for people who thrive in an environment of entrepreneurship, teamwork and problem solving.

Moreover, there are many different types of jobs. Though many people tend to think specifically of insurance agents when they consider employment in this industry, it is actually much broader than this. It is for this reason that a Vertafore study conducted in 2016 with the participation of 4,000 insurance professionals within that generation (aged 19 to 35) showed such a high satisfaction rate. Among them, 80 percent expressed a desire to remain employed within the insurance industry for as long as they can.

The insurance industry is now doing a great deal of marketing to target new talent that may never have considered working there before. Millennial insurance jobs are being offered in many forms and with impressive benefits packages to help to draw people who have just graduated or who are currently employed in other industries. The goal is to encourage them to have a closer look at what the industry is truly about and at the opportunities it has to offer.

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