Military veterans targeted by insurers for new job opportunities

Insurance NewsThe property/casualty insurance industry is ramping up efforts to find new talent and many companies are looking to military veterans to answer the call for new hires. The insurance industry has long been one of the friendliest sectors for those retiring from military service and looking for work in the private sector. Military experience translates well into insurance because veterans are often instilled with a sense that problems must be solved properly and as quickly as possible. Aon Corporation, one of the world’s largest reinsurance and risk management firms, has tapped military veterans for its Crisis Management Operation Center in Chicago, Illinois.

The Crisis Center is one of the latest additions to Aon’s ongoing WordlAware initiative, which was launched last year. The goal of the initiative is to track travel trends around the world and keep tabs on kidnapping and ransom activities in regions of political turmoil. The Crisis Center in Chicago has been staffed with veterans with experience with these particular happenings in order to provide aid for consumers falling victim to personal tragedies.

Many insurers are looking to follow Aon’s example, as the staff at the Crisis Center have gained a reputation for solving problems quickly and efficiently. Insurers can benefit from the experience of veterans as they can often identify trends in the global community that could spell trouble for the insurance industry as a whole.

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