Mild weather in December threatens the snowmobiling season

Snowmobile InsuranceMany regions across the country are finding that they are faced with much more rain than snow this year – with several places reaching record breaking average temperatures for the month of November and are ready to do the same for this month – and the result is a delay to the start of the snowmobile season.

Bob Meyers, the Maine Snowmobile Association’s executive director, said that he isn’t feeling concerned quite yet. That organization is one of the primary contributors to the snowmobile industry in that state, which is worth between $300 and $350 million every year.

Predictions by meteorologists are showing that the ideal snowmobiling conditions that were seen next year are still on their way. Meyers said that as long as they are right, then the season will still be a success. The only problem will be if the current unseasonably warm weather decides to stick around well into January.

He said that what is currently needed is a good cold snap, not just snow, and he feels that this is on its way very soon. He explained that due to the wet summer, and the sogginess of the ground, “If we get a lot of snow now it will never hold it. We really need a good hard freeze.”

The snowmobiling season last year and the year before was extremely strong in many regions, giving the activity a strong momentum that could be continued through this season as long as it gets started soon enough. At this point, it’s all in Mother Nature’s hands.

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