Voluntary Advantage is bringing the Voluntary Benefits industry together

voluntary benefits industry company

November 21, 2022 / Denver, Colorado – Voluntary Advantage is a newly formed entity that has been created to bring the Voluntary Benefits industry together and promote innovation and the open share of ideas, strategies, and information.  Voluntary Advantage was founded by Trevor & Heather Garbers and will publish a monthly magazine titled “Voluntary Benefits Voice” which will feature articles on important topics in our industry today including: trends, compliance, strategies, carrier news, product releases, and more. The Voluntary Advantage website (www.voluntary-advantage.com) will publish a Calendar of Events sharing information…

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Insurance news from the NHL shows it is too expensive for Crosby to play

Insurance News - Sidney Crosby

Sid the Kid may find his premiums prohibitive if he wants to hit the ice during the lockout. Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby is making insurance news after having discovered that if he wants to play elsewhere while the NHL remains locked out, he will be facing some steep premiums. There are a number of factors that have caused the price of the player’s coverage to spike. Specifically, the young hockey player’s tremendous salary, in combination with his history of experiencing injuries to his head, are what is…

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Insurance news from Fifa includes required coverage for goal-line technology

Insurance industry News

Companies may proceed with the installations provided they purchase coverage. Fifa has made insurance news when it announced that goal-line technology companies may proceed with their installations provided that they purchase insurance coverage in case leagues or clubs take legal action alleging that the systems are not functioning properly or that they are inaccurate. Licenses have been given to both GoalRef and Hawk-Eye by Fifa. Those two companies have made their own insurance news by being the first to receive Fifa’s authorization for worldwide installation of their systems as long…

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Extreme sports insurance is a must for travelers with a taste for adrenalin

Extreme sports Insurance

This coverage becomes especially important when visiting a foreign country. Travelers seeking adventure are advised to enjoy their adrenalin rush with a bit of added precaution through extreme sports insurance, which will make sure that if the worst does happen, they’ll be covered. These policies come in particularly handy when things go wrong while out of the country. After all, as fun as sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing and other thrilling activities may be, if things do go wrong, you don’t want to have to pay an arm and…

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It’s not just about your home, auto and life insurance policies anymore

pet insurance

Why specialty insurance is on the rise in the U.S. In a country where many people don’t have health insurance, it might seem surprising that specialty insurance is on the rise. However, it’s also a country where people treat their pets like family and their iPhone like personal assistants. As people weigh the cost/benefit of insuring what they love in their lives, more and more of them are deciding that they’d rather be safe than sorry. Here are five reasons why specialty insurance is on the rise. *1) Pets are…

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