Maryland health insurance computer glitch leaves thousands uninsured

Maryland Insurance

A problem with the exchange in the state may have left up to 5,000 enrollees without coverage.

An issue that has been identified with the Maryland health insurance exchange has made it possible that a few thousand people in the state who believe that they have fully enrolled for the coverage required to comply with the individual mandate have not actually done so successfully.

The state’s governor has acknowledged this issue, although a specific number of affected people is not known.

Maryland Health InsuranceGovernor Martin O’Malley spoke on the subject of Maryland health insurance at a briefing with reporters, indicating that enrollment with the exchange had increased at the close of 2013, to the point that it was bringing in record numbers of registrations. However, he also indicated that an unknown number of people – which could be anywhere from several hundred up to 5,000 people – who believe that they have successfully completed their own enrollment through that website are actually not covered.

It was also announced that a fix to the glitch in the Maryland health insurance website is being built.

The governor, who was joined by Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown for this portion of the briefing, explained that they repair is on the way. The leaders of the state have indicated that they will be working on creating legislation that will help to address this issue and to make certain that the people who had been under the impression that they had completed their necessary coverage enrollment will still have the protection that they were convinced that they had.

Brown explained that the focus of the legislation will be on altering the Maryland Health Insurance Program’s eligibility to ensure that these individuals can enjoy its coverage. The effort will be geared specifically toward the people who went through the enrollment and who believe that they have successfully completed the process but, through no fault of their own, will not be receiving the coverage that they are expecting.

It is important to note that those who will be affected by this change in eligibility will be given an option, they will still need to pay a subsidized premium if they choose to take part.

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