LARP insurance policy designed for safer adventuring

Knight armor LARP insurance policy

It can be dangerous being a wizard or warrior on a quest, so LARPers have found coverage in the real world.

Live action role playing (LARP) has become a tremendously popular pastime for players across the country and, to an increasing extent, around the world and now these players and their events are able to find an insurance policy to protect them throughout their adventures.

Although the costume-clad players are taking part in fictional battles, it is not impossible for real-world injuries to occur.

The characters they are playing may be able to benefit from miracle potions and salves, but the actors behind the LARPing can use an insurance policy to make sure these events can afford to protect themselves against litigation if something should go wrong during this favorite hobby. This activity has been around since the 1970s as an expansion of the idea of Dungeons & Dragons. Instead of simply sitting at a table and building a story strategy, LARP involves dressing up and acting out the fantasy adventures.

The type of insurance policy needed can be applied to the specific events that they are choosing to attend.

Knight armor LARP insurance policyLARP events will usually take place on a rented field or campground and players will take part for a day or a weekend at a time. This has caused liability issues to build, particularly with the rise in attendance numbers. It is in those areas that insurance companies are now looking to provide added assistance and coverage.

According to the NERO LARP owner (and ruler), Joseph Valenti, “Generally you have two plans. You have to have a liability plan, and then you have to have a health/accident plan.” Valenti knows what he’s talking about as he currently runs the largest and broadest LARPing business in the United States, boasting about 50 chapters across the U.S. Those chapters host hundreds of different adventures – battles included – with each passing year.

The players are equipped with “boffers”, which are custom-made weapons made out of foam while they tear into fantasy combat without any training. This is typically considered to be a completely safe experience except when human error comes into play. To avoid the risk of litigation and its associated expenses, an insurance policy can make all the difference. “If you have a liability plan, you’re really covering burning down one of the cabins or the main kitchen hall/tavern,” explained Valenti.

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