Know your breed’s need before buying pet insurance

Pet InsurancePet insurance has been moving ahead by leaps and bounds and is increasingly being recommended in order to help to make it possible for pet owners to provide superior care for their companions, where that care would otherwise be too expensive to afford.

Pet health insurance can cover everything from costly surgeries and medical treatments to prescription drugs. As the number of providers of pet insurance grows, it is also becoming more affordable, as competition is starting to play an important role in pricing.

The primary decision that most pet owners face is whether or not buying a policy is right for them. According to Prevention magazine, there are some actions that you can take to help you in making this decision:

• Talk to the vet and your dog or cat’s breeder, and do some research online to find out what health problems are common in the breed. Make sure that the plan you’re considering includes those conditions as well as cancer, chronic illnesses such as heart problems and diabetes, congenital and hereditary diseases.

• Look into the fine print and make certain that the plan provides continual coverage and doesn’t label a condition as “pre existing” when you renew for another year.

• Compare insurers and plans online to find out what is available, the reputations and financial standing of the pet insurance companies, and to receive quotes so that you can shop for the right opportunity for you and your cat or dog.


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