Insurance news on the celebrity front includes major lawsuit from Alexia Echevarria

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Insurance news LawsuitThe celebrity from Real Housewives has sued her broker for $2 million in medical bills.

Alexia Echevarria, a star of Real Housewives of Miami is making insurance news by suing her broker for $2 million, stating that she had been “inundated with medical bills” following a car crash in which her son, Frankie, was severely injured.

The celebrity has filed her lawsuit within a Florida court against the company through which the policy was sold.

Garcia Lorenzo & Associates has had the lawsuit filed against it, making this insurance news as the reality show star feels that the company did not properly execute her policy and therefore caused her to have to face “massive medical bills.”

The insurance news was originally made when Frankie was hospitalized in 2011.

The harm suffered by the 13 year old were very severe, including a brain injury that was caused by a catastrophic car crash that occurred in that year. He also required pelvic surgery for some of the other injuries that he experienced. He is still considered to be in recovery.

Within the lawsuit, Echevarria has said that when she originally signed with Garcia Lorenzo & Associates, she specifically requested “a special type of coverage that would have helped curb costs from her son’s accident”. What she now claims in the suit that has brought about this insurance news is that the special coverage that she had requested from the company was left out of the policy that was issued.

There has yet to be a ruling made by a judge on this lawsuit that has been filed following a difficult year for Echevarria and Herman, her husband. Last month, it was discovered that the pair owed the IRS $94,078.44 from their taxes in 2009. The clerk’s office in Miami-Dade County explained that there is now a lien on the Miami Beach home owned by the Echevarria family.

This insurance news is the latest of several tragedies and struggles that have been faced by Echevarria, who has been nicknamed “the Cuban Barbie”. She is currently the executive editor of a magazine that features Latin fashion trends and celebrities, called Venue. Both of her sons – Frankie, and the 18 year old model, Peter – were the result of her first marriage, which ended in divorce in 1996.

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