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Car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers auto insurance - Discounted car insurancePRESS RELEASE: on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 announced that it will assist buyers to get cheap car insurance for college student solutions with huge discounts. As per the company’s press release today, eligible student, teenaged or young drivers could secure discounted auto insurance coverage packages and save money worth up to 65% on premiums. While making these announcements, the firm’s spokesman, Mr. Adrian Smith, also revealed that the company’s website has been upgraded to make sure that the system is capable of handling increased number of requests quickly.

For young buyers, across the nation who intend to secure cheap car insurance for college student quotes, here’s some good news., a national auto insurance service provider, has announced services which guarantee huge discounts to the extent of 65% or even more on vehicle insurance coverage for student drivers. While making these announcements, Adrian Smith, Senior Advisor at the firm, also revealed the criteria which will enable students to get discounted car insurance packages. In its bid to reach out to more consumers, the company has even upgraded its existing system for handling increased number of requests. If you are a teenager or a college or high school student looking for a low cost  car insurance cover, you may take advantage of this unique opportunity to insure your car at astonishingly lower rates like never before!

Get Started To Determine If You Can Qualify For A Cheap Student Car Insurance Quote!

List Of Basic Eligibility Guidelines:

Teenaged or student drivers could qualify for a young driver car insurance discount if the following basic eligibility criteria are being met. Full-time high school or college students with at least 12 credit hours.
Buyers must be licensed drivers who are in the age group 16 to 25 years.  Those that have an average GPA of 3.0 or above will stand instant qualification.  It could be still better if a buyer had a certified report card.

While announcing the qualifying criteria, Mr.Adrian said, “We are of the belief that students who have maintained good grades in their academics may be careful in their driving habits and consequently, could be less likely to be at fault or get involved in fatal accidents. Even statistics provides such evidence.” But still, to save more money on student car insurance policy, recommends young drivers to take a course in defensive driving.

In its press communique released Tuesday, January 22, 2013, has also said that it could assist students to obtain certain additional discounts as part of  its cheap student driver auto insurance policies if they satisfy the below mentioned parameters. Hence, you may check your eligibility to get benefited with these before proceeding to get and compare free low cost student auto insurance quotes online.

Lower Driving Parameter: Save between 5% and 30%  more if distance from school to home is less Vehicle’s Parking Location At Night: Save 10%  more if vehicle is being parked in an underground parking which has a  security gate as  well as is under video surveillance. Make And Model Of The Car Insured: Save additional 5% to 10% for choosing cars which have been rated high for their safety and security features. Save Money By Getting Group Discounts: Save an additional 5-15% with group discounts by getting the policy issued in the name of an experienced driver preferably parents.

The company boasts of helping young drivers in finding some of the most affordable auto insurance companies online in just 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Enter ZIP code so that the firm’s website will locate some premier car insurance providers within its database by matching buyer’s requirements for given parameters.

Step 2: Consumers will receive free quotes within minutes of their applying from quality student vehicle insurance companies. All that they will be required to do is just select the best proposals and ensure best possible savings.

Step 3: Study and compare the features as well as discounts provided in each proposal to identify the right type of quote. A specialist will be there for assistance to make task hassle free.

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