Insurance news from movie producers reveal added coverage for Lindsay Lohan

Insurance News Lindsay Lohan mugshot

Insurance News Lindsay Lohan mugshotThe makers of the film had to purchase an incarceration policy for the starring actress of “Liz & Dick”.

The producers of “Liz & Dick” have revealed the celebrity insurance news that before they hired Lindsay Lohan to star as Elizabeth Taylor, they had to purchase a special incarceration policy to cover her.

The twenty six year old singer and actress already has six arrests under her belt.

Furthermore, the troubled celebrity has checked in to rehab on five separate occasions, has gone to jail, and has completed a massive total of 536 hours of community service. Larry Thompson, the executive producer of the film, made the insurance news confession, as he admitted that hiring Lohan was a tremendous risk to the making of the film.

Thompson said that this is insurance news because without the coverage, she could not have been hired.

He explained that the actress had two probations when the producers of the film first met her, but it was down to one by the time the deal was actually closed with her. He made the insurance news announcement that if they had not been able to obtain coverage for her “there would have been no movie.”

The executive producer went on to state that “We wound up having to go to Lloyd’s of London to get what we called incarceration insurance…. We had to protect ourselves that if she were to have violated her probation during production, we wouldn’t have had to close down and lose our movie.”

Although Thompson is still hopeful that the “Liz & Dick” film will be successful and that this will help Lohan to place her career back in the right direction. He did add, however, that it wasn’t always easy to work with her.

That said, with this insurance news announcement, Thompson did express that he has only the best wishes for Lohan, as well as for “anybody who ever hires her”. However, he also cautions that hiring the actress for a movie is an extremely risky business. He described it as being “like jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet with a bolt of white nylon, a string, and a sewing machine. You’re building a parachute as fast as you can.”

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