Insurance news made as D.C. replaces its ousted commissioner

white house insurance news

After the sudden firing of the official in the District of Columbia, a new acting commissioner has been named.

Following the surprising insurance news that occurred when William P. White, the previous commissioner in Washington D.C., was ousted, a new acting commissioner has now been named.

This naming has occurred only days after the firing of the previous official.

White was removed from his position the day after President Obama made his announcement of the fix that was going to be put into place for the problem regarding the cancelled health plans across the country. The former commissioner had made statements against that decision and soon found that he no longer held the position that he did when the statements were being made.

white house insurance newsThe new commissioner is now making insurance news by being named after such a brief time.

This latest insurance news is that Chester A. McPherson has been named as the acting Washington D.C. commissioner, only a few days after the firing of the previous official had been fired. McPherson had previously been the deputy commissioner of market operations at the Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking; a position that has been held since August 2011.

This latest insurance news from Washington D.C. was first announced in a press release, stating that McPherson would be beginning immediately. Within that announcement, no mention was made of the departure of White from his office. According to White, he was fired as of Friday and was never directly informed that it was the result of the press release that he issued against the plans of the White House to fix the health insurance cancellations disaster. However, he also pointed out that it was challenging to ignore the timing of his removal.

On Thursday, White had released his own insurance news statement that had been called “White says president’s announcement undercuts exchanges.” That said, he had not entirely ruled out following the President’s fix. That press release was not kept active for very long. As it turns out, shortly after the statement had been posted online, it was taken back down once again.

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