CVS Caremark seeks to address issues concerning cancelled health insurance coverage

CVS health insurance

Cancelled policies could cause a problem for those on medication Many people throughout the U.S. have lost their health insurance coverage because of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These policies were cancelled because they do not comply with the standards established by the federal law. While a significant portion of those that had substandard policies will be able to continue receiving coverage from these policies, insurers have opted not to revive policies that have already been cancelled. CVS Caremark has decided to address the issue for the sake…

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Less than 1% of consumers to pay more for health insurance after cancellations

retroactive health insurance

Health insurance cancellations may not actually be a costly problem Families USA, a health care advocacy group, has released a new study that focuses on the costs associated with the Affordable Care Act. Recently, the health care reform law has received harsh criticism due to insurance companies cancelling certain policies. According to the federal law, insurers must cancel health insurance policies that do not comply with the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Critics of this provision suggest that consumers are being forced to purchase new policies that are vastly…

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Insurance news from California shows ruling on Obama healthcare fix

California health insurance

The president met with the state commissioner and the state has since refused the suggested patch. At the end of last week, California made insurance news by adding itself to the states that are refusing the fix recommended by President Obama that would allow Americans to be able to maintain their present health plans that have benefits that are too low to comply with the healthcare reforms. These plans would be permitted for another year, if their policyholders wish to maintain them. This insurance news from California means that two…

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Insurance news made as D.C. replaces its ousted commissioner

white house insurance news

After the sudden firing of the official in the District of Columbia, a new acting commissioner has been named. Following the surprising insurance news that occurred when William P. White, the previous commissioner in Washington D.C., was ousted, a new acting commissioner has now been named. This naming has occurred only days after the firing of the previous official. White was removed from his position the day after President Obama made his announcement of the fix that was going to be put into place for the problem regarding the cancelled…

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Obama announces policy rollback concerning health insurance plans

Obama Health Insurance

Federal health insurance policy shifts Many health insurance plans in the U.S. are set to be canceled by January of 2014. These policies do not comply with the standards established by the Affordable Care Act and, as such, cannot remain active. Unfortunately, this means that those who have had their policies cancelled must purchase new policies in order to comply with federally mandated insurance coverage. This has caused significant controversy and has placed a great deal of pressure on President Barack Obama, who may have a plan to resolve the…

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Sporadic health insurance coverage could be just as bad as no coverage at all, according to new study

Having sporadic health insurance coverage may seem like a good idea for those that have trouble making ends meet, but the costs may be the same as not having any insurance coverage at all. A recent study from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research shows that diabetic patients with sporadic insurance coverage were very likely to skip preventative care and examinations. According to the study, these patients skipped out on tests just as frequently as people without any insurance coverage. In the end, a plan that was meant to…

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